This blog chronicles the adventures of a middle aged publishers’s rep trying to create a second career as a professional photographer.

Learning a new business. Honing one’s craft. Buying gear. Managing real estate. Finding clients.

Photography is a lifelong learning and sharing experience. I’m here to do both.

I first started taking pictures with a Pentax K1000 in high school. I obtained it through my brother-in-law’s BX at Altus AFB. I fell in love with taking pictures, and I took a photography class as soon as I got to Stanford. After a semester of learning the darkroom and to shoot black and white, I continued to make images. Unaware that my local printer once worked for Ansel Adams, I thought my pictures looked great because of my talents. I soon found out that photography takes a lifetime to learn, and imperfectly at best.

Over the thirty-five years since I left school, I gradually learned the real craft of photography, but unfortunately, city living and spotty income ended darkroom practice and limited how much I could shoot. With the rise of digital cameras, I took up photography in a more serious way again, as pixels are free, and you do not have to sacrifice a room of your house to process and print them.

In the last couple of years, I have harnessed my experience and my knack for problem solving to start a studio business as a second source of fulfillment and frustration in my life.

Come share the adventure with me!


You can check out my work at my website.