Congratulations to Adobe for their latest announcement offering Photoshop CC and Lightroom as a package to Photoshop license holders for $9.99/month with no time limit.

I was one of many photographers who found that the new pricing strategy primarily addressed the problem that Adobe had with their non-customers but paid little attention to making sure their loyal, paying customers received fair treatment.

As someone for whom Photoshop forms an essential part of workflow, $20/month was not a bad deal on its face, but Adobe did not adequately compensate existing licensees for their investment. Those of us with CS licenses have invested between $600 and $2000 on the initial program and upgrades through the years. While it could be argued that we got value for the years of use, the fact remains that a $10/month discount for a year essentially meant that we were only paying $120 less for CC that someone who started using Photoshop legally yesterday.

We were used to paying something in the neighborhood of $10/month to stay upgraded, so the new deal was essentially a doubling of our outlay.

Well, Adobe has not only remedied the problem, but done us one better by throwing in Lightroom.

Thanks, Adobe, for realizing that good will and full acceptance of CC from your most loyal base of customers is better business than cynically trying to screw the maximum amount out of customers who must have the latest software.

Now, if the cable companies and the banks would just come to the same conclusion…